Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Links & Other Awesomeness

First of all - I'd just like to say... that it seems every time I start to freak out about the rumors, I go write a blog post about it, then later that day we hear news. In yesterday's case, it was (somewhat) good news. 

Here's some links:

Hulsizer Camp: We're Still Here
TV Contract Could Prevent Coyotes Move To Winnipeg
Glendale Mayor To Meet With Goldwater On Coyotes

Let's hope that meeting on Thursday goes well - if you're the praying kind, I certainly could use some thoughts and prayers. To some losing a hockey team might not seem like that big of a deal. Well... it is to me! 

Now - with this new information perhaps Coyotes fans AND players can go into tonight's game 4 against the Red Wings with a bit more zest and enthusiasm than we've seen over the past few games. Well the fans weren't exactly lacking enthusiasm - but the majority of the team has been up until this point. The two major exceptions being Kyle Turris and Shane Doan. Both Kyle and Shane have been shining in the playoffs thus far. They alone deserve a house full of loud Coyotes fans tonight!

Speaking of the Red Wings - I have found something that you are going to absolutely LOVE Coyotes fans...

It's too bad I didn't find him sooner - because this shirt collection would've been great for this playoff series!
It's no secret that I despise the Red Wings - I believe I've made that fairly clear on here. Well - so does this guy. I'd like you to meet Mark DeFlorio:

Overcoming a penalty kill is one of the keys to being a successful hockey team. A team has to be as strong five on four as it is at full strength. But what if you were on a permanent penalty kill, as if you were down one of your five senses? Hockey fanatic Mark DeFlorio overcame his own personal penalty kill after complications from a blood clot in his brain left him legally blind.  
Since becoming blind DeFlorio started, an online retailer that makes anti-Detroit Red Wings apparel, home and office, and promotional products. Original5 was an ambition of DeFlorio’s before the blindness and much like a hockey team, ambition to win a game doesn’t diminish just because they are short handed. 
“Original 5 was my dream and even though I can’t see perfectly, that wasn’t reason enough to find someone else to do the work. I print all the shirts, hats, and home and office products myself. My own two hands do it all. That is how I make the best of my four senses,” said DeFlorio.  
Since incorporation in 2009, has been growing its products and brand loyalty. The initial product line of t-shirts has now expanded to include new shirt designs, winter gear, and products for a home or office. is planning the initial stages of a coast to coast promotional roll out. 

Go check out some of his stuff! We'll need it next season I'm sure :)


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