Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playoffs Start Tonight!

In Detroit. I'm so nervous - I think I may throw up. Hopefully the players are in better shape emotionally than I am. They are professionals - they don't get nervous right??? 


Just in case - I'll be wearing the Kyle jersey (it hasn't lost a game yet!) and doing all my other pre-game psycho hockey fan rituals. And I will most definitely be screaming at the TV!




TexaGermaNadian said...

Whoop whoop! Go Coyotes :)

Dave B. said...

Good luck to the Yotes. Hope they do well because reports from a Toronto sports radio station are saying that an announcement will be made that the team is moving to Winnipeg once they have been eliminated. Jim Daly is refuting the report, but I think he has to. TSN.CA is reporting the story.

Heather AKA Prusha said...

His name is Bill Daly - and the reports from the FAN this morning were not accurate - as he has said several times. No - he doesn't have to. There is still much work being done to get this thing approved. Are we getting down to the wire? Yep. But it's not the end.

Dave B. said...

Yes, Bill. My bad.

The reports from the FAN are not accurate according to Daly. According to the FAN, they come from a reliable inside source. A Winnipeg newspaper says their anonymous source says the same. All depends on which side you want to believe, and the truth is you can't believe anyone. Daly DOES have to deny all reports until the NHL makes it official, one way or the other.

Do I think it's over for the Coyotes? No.
Do I think there is still time to complete a deal? Not much.
Do I think the Coyotes will be saved? Unfortunately, no. I do not.

I have not seen any progress lately and the NHL does not want to make any announcements that might hurt ticket sales. The only announcement that might do that, is that they are leaving.

I urge all Coyote fans to get out and support the team while they still can. This is a good team and they deserve a great send off, if that is the case.

And if, IF, the Coyotes do happen to leave for Winnipeg, we should all take comfort in the fact that they will be going to a place where they will be loved. They will have a good home there. Winnipeg is not the enemy, they are not trying to steal the team. Just like Phoenix did not steal the Jets from Winnipeg. Winnipeg is not responsible for the Coyotes financial problems.

I hope I'm wrong and the Coyotes stay... but I don't think I am.

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