Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thirsty Thursday!

Today is Thirsty Thursday over at FTLOB so I thought I'd share with you my favorite pre-Coyotes home game tailgate drink! It's simple, its delicious & it doesn't require a lot of mixing.... It's a "Diet" drink (or as "Diet" as alcohol can be I suppose). Here it is:

The "Skinny" Palmer
- 1 Part Sweet Tea Vodka 
-1 Part Diet/No-Sugar Lemonade
-Muddled Strawberries
-Sprig of Fresh Mint

My personal favorite Sweet Tea Vodka is the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka - try the Peach flavor for an extra splash of Southern flare. In lieu of the muddled strawberries - try strawberry or raspberry lemonade. The possibilities are endless! 


<3 Yotes Diva


Mrs K said...

sounds yummy! I could really need a drink right about now after spending hours outside shovelling snow!!!

Heather said...

Oh boy.... snow shoveling! Here let me make it worse - the high here in Phoenix today is 70 degrees Fahrenheit! Tell Hubs he should come play for the Coyotes! :D

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