Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Joyful!

Today dear friends, FTLOB is co-hosting Joyful Moments, so I thought it might be a great opportunity for me to spread some joy and share with you what brings ME joy. 

Seeing as this is a hockey blog - I'm sure you can guess one thing that brings me joy... My hockey team

I love to share them with my friends, I love introducing people to the sport. I love that when I bring new people to a hockey game, they are never disappointed. I love Arena - the home of the Phoenix Coyotes. I love my hockey family and I love it that my dad is FINALLY coming around and at least watching the games with me on TV. (for more info on that last part see the #ShitMyDadSaysDuringHockey tweets on my Twitter page. He's HILARIOUS!)

My dogs bring me joy... even when they chew on my shoes!

Nature brings me joy. 
I haven't gone for a good hike in quite a while - here's one of my favorite hiking spots:

Bridal Veil Falls - Provo Canyon, Utah

Uplifting comments and my followers bring me joy as well. I love meeting people from all over the world, hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike. Enjoy your weekend friends! Go Yotes!


The Hockey Wife said...

Your blog looks beautiful...I like the renovations. You should be joyful for this alone. Beautiful pictures.

Thank you for the nice comment earlier!


Mollie said...

Fellow FTLOBlogger. I too like Shit My Dad Says...the original, not the TV show. But I'd've liked to have been able to watch it. Cute post.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Happy Joyful Friday :) And I agree with hockey wife, your blog is looking sharp!

TheYotesDiva said...

@Hockey Wife - Gratitude is infectious! You were my inspiration this morning :) Thanks for your sweet comments about the blog - I've been working hard to renovate it. Travel Babbles has been helping quite a bit too!

@Mollie - welcome, thanks for the comment!

@Tex - (do you mind if I call you Tex? I've kinda taken to it... LOL) Happy Joyful Friday to you as well! Thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

I too am joyful when it comes to my favorite hockey team, my hockey friends and the fun we all have together. Having hockey friends is being able to share time, yelling, and cheering for the team together. The best part is not being judged at the end of the night after going crazy when the referees don't make the right call. ~@AZSportGurl

TheYotesDiva said...

@AZSportsGurl I am grateful for the best seat-mate in the WORLD! She makes me joyous! :D

Tanya said...

Found you through FTLOB. Great pictures! Hockey is popular in our parts, too. That dog looks so huggable!

Poekitten said...

Puppies are great at bringing joy! Mine is currently snoring on the sofa and it always makes me smile:)

Mrs K said...

Your puppy is soooo cute!! Shar Pei?

~Lisa said...

What an awesome blog!!! Yay for hockey! Thanks so much for linking up! HUGS to you!

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