Monday, February 28, 2011

I Hate Trade Deadline Day.

End of Day Update:
Well... despite losing Scottie and Sami - we can't complain too much. We got what we needed in return so we might actually squeeze by without an owner until the end of the season. Perhaps Scottie will re-sign here over the summer :(

I didn't expect any blockbusters - and I think its safe to say NO ONE in the league made any blockbuster moves. So now we head into the final race for the post-season with (most of) our team in tact. I'll do a tribute to The Ones We Lost On Deadline Day at work in the morning - if my intakes don't show up :)

The Ledge has been successfully located. Currently trying to keep my fellow Yotes fans from jumping. 

I hate trade deadline day.

It was all fun and games until the first time my team traded my favorite player.

I remember that day all too well. I even remember what I was WEARING. Trade deadline day has since been the anniversary of my first hockey heartbreak via trade.

I was having a blast - watching all the trades being made between all the other teams & a few not so shocking moves with the Coyotes. It was my first trade deadline day since I'd gotten season tickets and really started following every move the Coyotes made. I remember sitting at work all morning hitting refresh on the TSN trade tracker page. Then I found a link to the audio coverage - and I remember the feeling of complete and utter shock I experienced when that dreadful trade was announced. I heard it. From Panger. He was supposed to be one of us... How dare he be the one to break such horrible news to me???

Daniel Carcillo to Philadelphia for Scottie Upshall and a 2nd round draft pick. 

What....? Wait... WHAT?!?! No... they couldn't... that's a mistake right? He meant someone else... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sadly - I have to admit that the tears started streaming down my face. I was literally heartbroken. I remember calling and texting all my hockey friends - posting the sad news on Facebook.... (this was prior to my Twitter days).

I spent the remainder of that season out on my ledge over it. And I hated Scottie Upshall. Passionately. Don Maloney wasn't my favorite person either.

I am happy to say however that my hatred for Scottie no longer exists in any form - and that I've now learned how to handle trade deadline day more appropriately - and that Don Maloney traded Danny because he had the best interests of the team in mind....

But that doesn't mean that I have to LIKE it.

I fell asleep with butterflies in my stomach last night...
With worries of trades to come running through my head...

"Who is trade bait this year...? Maybe we just won't make any trades... We don't have any money to play around with... right? What if they trade Kyle? No - I can't think like that... Yandle's untouchable right? I may head back out onto that ledge if they trade Turris or Yandle... I don't want to spend another end of the season out on a ledge. It involves too much drinking..."

Check back after twelve for updates on that ledge thing...


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I hate this day too!

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