Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Diva's Trade Deadline Day Coyotes Wrap-up

Now that I can see straight and my migraine has subsided from the news of my favorite player being traded today, I can offer some comments on the Coyotes trade deadline movements:

12:04 EST Tellqvist to Buffalo for 4th round pick in 2010

First news of the day, not nessecarily a surprise for me. Telly becomes a UFA this summer and could've possibly been lost to the free agency market. He brought us a 4th round draft pick and considering that we have a ton of young goaltending talent in the system right now, we need not worry too much about losing Telly. I wish him the best of luck in Buffalo and hope he does well there.

12:40 EST Olli Jokinen & a 3rd round pick to Calgary for Lombardi, Prust and a 1st round pick

Though it pains me to go through the "what might have been" scenarios involving Jokinen in my head, I think Olli needed to go. Lombardi seems to be a good acquisition though I don't know too much about either of them so I will have to reserve full judgement for now. However, knowing what we gave up for Jokinen in Ballard over the summer, this trade leaves me feeling a bit scorned. Olli was supposed to be our "Savior".

02:45 EST Daniel Carcillo to Philadelphia for Scottie Upshall and 2nd round pick

This, dear readers; was the heartbreaker. You only need to read but a few of my blog entries (if even that many) to realize that Carcillo is my favorite player. You can take the Ollis, the Tellys, the Ballards.... hell, you could even take the Bryzzys and the Doans... but you mess with my Carcillo and we have a pro0blem. Well, we have a problem. That's all I can say on this for now. I'm still not over it. Yah I know, its the nature of the business.... blah blah blah blah BLAH! That's easy to say when its not YOUR favorite player who got traded...

3:00 EST Derek Morris to New York Rangers for Prucha, Kalinin and Dawes

Given Maloney's ties to the Rangers, this was not a surprise for me. I do hope however, that D-Mo will be back after this season. Here's hoping we get someone to purchase the team who has lots of extra cash and really wants D-Mo back.

A look back at what we've lost...

Derek Morris, beloved blue liner who always had time for his fans. He remembers your name and asks you how your kids are. He still owes me some macaroni and cheese. I won't be forgetting about the mac and cheese D-Mo... I want my mac and cheese :D

Olli Jokinen, though you weren't here long I had high hopes. I enjoyed watching you play and especially when you would hide behind Danny or Fridgey and talk shit to your opponents. It was my favorite. May you find what you are looking for, sorry it didn't work out...

Oh my Telly, we could always count on you! Rarely did you ever let us down when you got the call to fill in for Bryz. How I will miss chanting "TELLY! TELLY TELLY!" with my friends. You are still my favorite back-up goalie Telly & you always will be.

And that brings me to my Danny Boy. Danny- you are the reason I love hockey. You are the one that drew me in and kept me coming back for more. Losing you is a huge loss to this team and especially to this fan. The only comfort I have now is in knowing that playing for the Flyers was something you always wanted and in that respect I am happy for you. May the fans in Philly appreciate you even half as much as I do. I wish you all the luck in the world and will be here rooting you on, always your biggest fan.

♥ -The Diva


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