Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open Letter to NHLFA President, Jim Boone

Mr. Boone,

I have recently joined the NHLFA and will be revoking my membership immediately if you do not amend or revoke your Open Letter to Gary Bettman. I do not agree with the purpose of the letter and cannot be a part of an association that takes what a portion of it's membership believes and says they will organize all 30,000 members of their association to support their cause. I am one of that 30,000 and I do not and will not support it.

"I ask that you resign before January 1, 2010. If you are still in office in the new year, I will organize the 30,000 members of NHL Fans’ Association to encourage the NHL governors to replace you as commissioner. We feel that a new commissioner would be the best thing for the NHL."
No "we" don't. After what Mr. Bettman has done and continues to do for my team and my city, I simply cannot be a part of this. In an email sent out to your membership base, you addressed the concern your members had expressed in regard to your Open Letter with the following statement:

"We recently solicited feedback from you and determined that the NHLFA's priorities for this season are twofold. American fans want better access to televised games and Canadian fans want Gary Bettman replaced as commissioner.  We believe that if the Canadians objective is achieved, the Americans objective will be reached sooner.

A few of our Members have indicated that they do not support the effort to remove Bettman from office, however, this contingent is small.  Many times over the years coordinating the NHLFA, we have found ourselves advocating issues that do not necessarily align with our personal beliefs.  Nonetheless, we continue to push the opinions of the majority of our Members, understanding that we are united for a larger cause."

I don't think that the "American's Objective" will be reached any sooner with Mr. Bettman being removed from office. I think it will only make the situation worse. Furthermore, I think that having an "American" and "Canadian" objective for the fan association is ridiculous. I see no need to split hairs and feel that this is further adding fuel to the fire of America vs Canada. If this is what the NHLFA is all about, I want no part of it. You claim to be the "voice" of NHL fans but insist upon smothering my voice because it does not help you reach your objective. If this continues, I will encourage everyone I possibly can to revoke their memberships.

Heather McWhorter


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