Thursday, May 7, 2009

Operation: Save The Coyotes!

Some new developments have come about since my last post. Here's the rundown: sneaky snake Jerry Moyes has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the Coyotes. The bankruptcy is contingent upon him being able to sell the team to Blackberry doode Jim Balsillie. Balsillie wants to pack up my beloved team and relocate them to Southern Ontario Canada. The League had no part in this and allegedly had another investor lined up to purchase the Coyotes when the bankruptcy announcement was made. Quite a few things wrong with this scenario: first and foremost is the fact the Moyes didn't really have the authority to declare bankruptcy on behalf of the Coyotes. Earlier this year, he was loaned money from the League and informed that all financial decisions must be approved by the league prior to execution. This will all come to a head today as the case will be seen by a local judge who hopefully wants this team to remain in Phoenix.

We the Coyotes Faithful, will know better how we must proceed after the court appearance today. But for now, we've launched our "Save The Coyotes" Campaign. Myself along with Coyoteshipcheck, FiveForHowling & the team at Phoenix Fanster are doing all within our power to keep this team in the Valley and get the word out. But we're going to need your help. We'll be launching our own website later today. We will have t-shirts, signs, buttons, etc for sale so that you can show your support for the team we love. We'll also have a calendar of events and lots of other great resources. In response to Basillie's website campaign at we've started our own campaign: Keep It Six. You can even purchase T-Shirts . Basically we want everyone to know this:


While we await the preceedings this afternoon, there are a few things you can do:

  • Follow me on Twitter I will be tweeting the latest updates as soon as they are made available.
  • Buy Season Tickets we've been assurred by our faithful Coyotes ticket reps that should in the unlikely event that the team packs up and leaves this summer, we will be refunded our money in full. We've also been assured that should the team stay but still sell to Basillie we will also be refunded our money in full. We refuse to support him here while he builds his new arena in Canada. Forget it. So there's no harm done in buying the tickets but there is MUCH good that can come from it!
  • Make your voice heard: know anybody who works in radio? Television? Works for the Coyotes? Tell everyone you know what's going on & that we need their support! Open your mouth, YOU can make a difference!

  • Join our Facebook Group and network with other Coyotes fans like yourself! Jordon has graciously created the group and made us some great graphics. Use them as your Facebook profile pic and Avatars. Let the world know you support the Yotes staying in Glendale!

Together, WE can Save The Coyotes!!!


PB said...

Thanks for doing this...I'm just disappointed that I can't help because of my personal time issues...know that I'm with everyone in spirit.

LeftWingLock said...

The ticket reps have no authority to guarantee refunds because they do not speak for whoever may buy the team. Additionally, if the bankruptcy goes through, sth will be creditors, meaning that the most they can hope for is a 10% return of their money. They will also be in line behind other creditors, so they may not get anything.

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