Friday, May 8, 2009

Operation: Save The Coyotes Day 3

Our beloved Captain Shane Doan

Has he ever let us down? No, he has not. He gives his all every night, every shift. He plays when he's hurt, though he shouldn't. He has made many a sacrifice to stay with this organization because he is committed to making hockey successful in Phoenix. Right now Coyotes fans, is when our Captain needs us the most. He needs us to make our voices heard. He needs us to stay strong and fight the opposition. He needs us to ignore the venom being spat at us from around the rest of the league. We know all eyes are on us right now, Phoenix. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. You only have to look as far as the Nashville Predators to see that the fans DO have a voice in the NHL. We've got Gary Bettman's support and regardless of what some might say/think about him, he was committed to putting this team here and now he's committed to keeping this team here. I believe that he and the NHL are doing all within their power to fight this right along with us.

Hockey has been a Canadian tradition for generations and generations. We have only had it in Phoenix for 12 years. The loyal hockey fans in Phoenix have been patient as we've had to endure poor management and ownership decisions concerning our team, poor draft choices, rebuilding and years and years of losses. We finally have some young guys on the ice who are showing some promise and now they want to take them away from us? Coyotes fans, we simply cannot stand for this! We've been patient, now its time to fight. Fight for what we've worked for. Fight for hockey in non-traditional markets. Why? Because you never grow, you never better yourself if you only stay where it is safe and a sure bet. Do we want to lose it before everyone in the Valley gets to experience fully this game that we all know to be the best game on earth? The time to fight is NOW. If they leave, ladies & gentlemen, they won't come back. Ask Winnipeg. I can truly sympathize with the fine people of Winnipeg now. I understand what you went through. This current dilemma occupies my every thought. I find it hard to concentrate on little else. If I stop to think for too long, I want to break down and cry. So for now I will simply fight. And I need each and every one of you to fight with me. Together, we can do this.

♥- The Diva

Graphics by Jordon


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