Monday, April 13, 2009

The season has come to an end...

While 16 other teams are gearing up for the playoffs, our season is now over. As Coyotes fans, we must find ways to occupy our time during the extra long off season. Other fans have the playoffs to look forward to and while we look forward to them too, it's a grim reminder of our post All Star game landslide, the potential this season we had and the fact that this is our 7th season with no playoffs. Dear fellow members of the Coyotes Faithful: I hope that your #2 team is headed for the playoffs. Mine is, GO FLYERS!!!

Now, let's look ahead to the future of the Coyotes. It is quite likely that we could see an entirely different team on the ice next season. Who is out? Who is in? What kind of changes should and could be made? We have quite the list of UFA's & RFA's this year, which means we could see quite a bit of change. Here's the list and my thoughts:


Steve Reinprecht: I think Reino's a great player. I think he works well with Doan and is a good veteran presence in the line-up. We also could've gotten something good for him at the trade deadline; I think we kept him because he wants to be here. We need to keep guys who want to be here, in my opinion.

Brian McGrattan: McG is pretty much the only guy we have now that can win fights. Fedoruk will fight if he absolutely must, Jovo will not. Doan can, but doesn’t. If we have no muscle, we’ll be pushed around a lot. I think we need to keep him, I think management will disagree with me on that one however.

Jeff Hoggan: he's doing well down in SA. Keep him around.

Ken Klee: to me, signing Klee is one thing we should make a priority this off-season. The guy has been solid since he arrived in Phoenix. He's helped Keith Yandle step up his game quite a bit this season. He's been a solid force on defense, despite who he is paired with. Klee's a keeper.

Dmitri Kalinin: I really don't feel like I've seen enough of him to judge. The jury is still debating...


Enver Lisin: Love Enver, I think the kids got major talent. Lisin just needs to be a bit more consistent and he'll be great. I don't think we should give up on him yet... I’d be all for sending him back to the minors to develop, not sure he’d be happy about that one though.

Dan Winnik: I know everyone loves Winni... he's a hard worker. I think Winni needs to find a new home. I just don't think he fits in on this team. Sorry Winni...

Petr Prucha: KEEPER!!!! Love, love, love this guy. He was simply not being used to his full potential in NY. Welcome home Petr, we've got a spot for you.

Joakim Lindstrom: I like Lindy, he did well when he first got here. However, he's fizzled a bit lately and we haven't seen him in the line-up much since the trade deadline. I'm thinking he won't be a priority to keep.

Scottie Upshall: Another KEEPER!!!! Lock him up to long-term contract; do NOT let this kid go.

Nigel Dawes: I'm still debating on this one too...

Steven Goertzen: another good one to keep down in SA for injury call-ups. He comes up and plays his heart out. Stevie G's a keeper too.

Garth Murray: ditto

Alexander Nikulin: not impressed

Keith Yandle: let him get away and I'll go postal.

Josh Tordjman: meh... he has his moments. Give me something better and I could be persuaded.


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