Saturday, January 3, 2009


Islanders 4
Coyotes 5

Some teams get lazy when playing the worst team in the league. It almost happened to the Coyotes in the 3rd period. I fully intended to stand and scream at them if they allowed the Islanders to tie up the game. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Here's some thoughts:

Let's start with David Hale.

We typically see him hanging out amongst the crowd at the Job on game nights. Last night he actually played. And he played well. He had some great hits, he had some blocked shots, he had a great night overall. Not perfect but much improved indeed. He's been working hard at practice and it shows. Keep it up Hale.


I love Telly. Telly let in some soft goals last night though. 2 maybe even 3 of them. He also had some nice saves. I am going to give him a break since he got smacked in the head by Tim Jackman and his stick hard enough to break Telly's mask. I think the Islanders technique was to try to take out Telly. They gave him hell. Look for Bryz to be back for the Ducks game, just my prediction.

DC was again a healthy scratch last night. Jackman never would've gotten away with his shenanigans against Telly had Danny been there. Jovo barked at him a bit. But he basically got away with it. NO penalty called. It's not like my team to allow people to get away with BS like that. I'm pretty sure Danny was chomping at the bit, wherever he was.

Coyotes forward Steven Reinprecht notched his 200th career assist on Doan’s goal.

Coyotes Defenseman Zbynek Michalek notched a goal and an assist playing in his 300th career game last night.

Islanders Doug Weight notched his 1000th career point last night. Kudos to my fellow Yotes fans who joined me in giving him a standing ovation. That's no minor accomplishment, just ask David Hale... (I had to do it).

♥ -The Diva

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