Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Howlidays???

I debated about writing a blog entry for that massacre Saturday night. This is my first entry back since my small Christmas break, do I really want it to have a negative tone? Final decision: Yes. I cannot keep it in anymore. I must vent.

Coyotes: WHAT THE FUCK?!?! You helped to make my Christmas week horrible and I'll tell you why. For starters, I'm driving to California on Tuesday afternoon to spend a few days with the family over Christmas. I am listening to Sirius Satellite Radio's Hockey Night in Canada Radio. I was enjoying it immensely and thinking that I'd left at the perfect time of day to have been treated to the broadcast for the majority of my trip. Then I hear these 7 little words: "Bad news if you're a Coyotes fan..." My heart fell into my toes. They should not do this to me when I am driving. They then go on to tell me that according to an article by ESPN's Scott Burnside, the league will have to step in to help out with the team's financial woes. That was pretty much all they said... they leave me hanging with news like that. So, I start texting my hockey friends (not safe to do while driving I know) in the hope of finding something out. D located the article, gave me a brief run-down and kept me from freaking out too much, God bless him. More on this subject later.

So then I don't get to go to LA as planned for the Coyotes at Kings game because bro-in-law didn't want to drive in LA traffic. That was annoying... but ok. Understandle I suppose and not the Coyotes' fault. I missed the game live but we did TiVo it and I was able to watch it later that night. Though thanks to the white russians I drank, I don't remember a whole lot about it. What I do recall though is that had it not been for Shane Doan, that game would've reached its disaster potential. And Danny still needs to avoid Ivanans at all costs. Remember what happened last year, Danny? Do I need to post the video?

Like Forrest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that.

Now, the clincher for me was Saturday's home game against the Kings. The Coyotes played absolutely pathetic hockey. They couldn't catch a pass to save their lives, they turned over more pucks than they shot toward the net. We even managed to kill 10 of our OWN power plays. You're not supposed to kill your own power plays, boys! I can't even really try to blame the refs for that either. The Kings had 10 penalties against them, the Coyotes only had 7.

The arena was almost full and that is good for us. People came out to cheer on our team, to show them that we don't want to lose them. And this is the effort we get from the Coyotes? I just couldn't believe it. A few people were booing them but what I think made more of a statement was that the arena was cleared of half the fans before the 3rd period even got going good. If you could even really say that it went well at all... I stayed until the bitter end. Which as it turned out, was so bitter that the 3 stars of the game were all from the Kings. We didn't even have a Coyote that was worthy of being the 3rd star. In our own arena. That is BAD.

That game might even rank higher in suckiness than the Blackhawks spanking we endured earlier this season. But thank goodness that week is over. What we have looking forward into this week is a whole new year and an opportunity at redemption against the Avalanche, then the Islanders. They might be able to pull out a win or two. But as for the already shaky relationship that the Coyotes have with some of their not so dedicated fans... After having to endure the game the fans made the effort to come out for on Saturday night, I'm not sure if it can be salvaged. Not that I care... I quite enjoy being able to stretch out and not have anyone sitting next to me at the games. But tis not good for our current financial dilemma.

Warning: From here on out, this gets ugly...

Just for the record, even when my boys play like crap; I still adore them. So if anyone tries to move my team they will have to drag my fat ass with them, kicking and screaming and throwing things all along the way... just giving you fair warning. I'm sorry Winnipeg (make that Whineypeg), that you lost your team. But ya know what? I wasn't a hockey fan when all that happened. So your "now you see how we felt" arguments are invalid against me. I had nothing to do with it. And quite frankly I don't care. I have a hard time feeling sorry for you. We don't want the bitter ex-girlfriend back. The bridge has been burned. You cannot fault me for being a new hockey fan. Had the team never moved to Phoenix, I would still be hockey-less. So yes, I'm an advocate for NHL expansion. I think Bettman is a visionary. And don't send me anti-Bettman comments. I don't care what you think of him.

And hey... whoever that is deciding that we need to play exhibition games every year in Winnipeg? STOP IT! Would you constantly go back and have sex with an ex-girlfriend once a year just to "see how's she's doing" or "see if she's improved at all"? Stop it. Stop it now. (If its Bettman making those decisions, hey... nobody's perfect.) And CERTAINLY do not call these spectacles home games (which they were listed as on this year's schedule). This is pissing off your fans. You cannot be successful with one foot still inside the Winnipeg door. We Phoenix fans are selfish. We need you 100% here. You cannot expect us to be dedicated fans of yours if you keep fucking around with old girlfriends once a year. You're here or you're there, please make up your mind. Don't get me wrong... I have an appreciation for the history of my team. I can appreciate the roots. But let us not regress, let's move forward. And this extrememly childish post might make me no better than the critics whom we've had to endure the harshness from. But I don't care. I feel much better now...


hipchecks said...

hey, there are those people out there that do go back to their ex once or twice a year. hahahahahaha It does make them look sad and pathetic though. :P

Carcillo13 said...

Especially with the reception that they get from the Winney crowd. They cheer louder for whomever the Coyotes are playing. No matter who it is. Why put the boys through that each year? It's ri-goddam-diclous. CUT THE STRINGS!!!

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