Monday, January 5, 2009

Keeping Up With My Boys: Danny Loses His First Teeth!

Words cannot express how pissed I am that the game in Anaheim was not broadcast on TV at all last night. Not just because this was a crucial game, one that needed to be treated like a playoff game... not just that we were fighting for the #2 spot in our division... not just because I can't stand to not be able to watch my boys play. Oh no. All of that is bad enough. But when I found out that this was the game in which my favorite player lost his first tooth (uhh... make that teeth), I was LIVID! YOU BASTARDS!

OK... rant over. Moving on. Daniel Carcillo will not be playing in Tuesday's game against the Blackhawks. He underwent oral surgery today after having several teeth knocked out during Sunday night's game against the Ducks.

"Anaheim defenseman Brendan Mikkelson inadvertently hit Carcillo in the face with his stick as Carcillo rushed the Anaheim net with about five minutes left in the second period. Carcillo fell to the ice, then got up and went directly to the Coyotes dressing room for treatment. He did not return to the game. Coyotes Head Coach Wayne Gretzky said forward Todd Fedoruk gathered Carcillo’s teeth from the ice and brought them to the Phoenix bench.

"I don't know what's more amazing, that 'Fridge' found the teeth or that it was the first time Danny's had his teeth knocked out," Gretzky quipped after Monday's practice. "I'm trying to figure out which is more of a shocker."

Prior to being injured, Carcillo had four shots on goal and three hits in nine shifts vs. Anaheim." - from

Fridgy, who shall from this day forth be affectionately referred to as "The Tooth Fairy" searching for Danny's teeth. (seriously... I can't say this enough, I love da Fridge. Thanks for gettin my boy's back, ummm teeth back...)

Below are some photographic highlights from Danny's night in Anaheim, (courtesy of the Coyotes website) prior to the tooth loss.

This is a momentous occassion after all.

♥ -The Diva


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