Saturday, January 10, 2009

GOALIE TURCO! Watch out for that Fridge!!!

Tonight the Coyotes take on the Dallas Stars at Arena in what will be the two team's 4th of 6 match-ups this season. The Stars won the first, Coyotes the second, Stars the 3rd.... which means that tonight its our turn again to get the win. If not, perhaps Fridge will plow over Turco in an attempt to give us some...

With Sean Avery no longer stinking up the ice (and the locker room) in Dallas, the Stars have been on a steady incline in an attempt to recover from the Averyitus that plagued them for the first part of the season. Coming off of a 6-1 stomping by the Detroit Red Wings, the Stars will be looking to gain back a little of their self respect tonight. It's our job not to let that happen.

I will be yet again cheering my Boys on from my section of Arena but if your looking for some game time chat fun, head on over to Five For Howling or The NHL Arena and see what's going on...

♥ -The Diva

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