Friday, November 14, 2008

What Happens in Minnesota, Stays in Minnesota

I am going to blatantly ignore the fact that my boys played like crap last night, K? The best thing I can say about that game is that at least all of the Wild's goals were scored on their power plays. That's not so bad... or maybe our contract to be the Flames bitches has expired and we've just signed another one with the Wild. Stupid Christams Elves. DIE ELVES! Ya know what probably happened? They were singing rounds of "Jingle Bells" during play and it threw my boys off. Yah... that's it. Who can concentrate on the game when you've got a jolly 'ol elf singing in your face? Not I. And no one wants to score on Santa Clause... then they wouldn't get anything for Christmas!

But I digress... One highlight of the game last night was when my boy Keith Yandle dropped the gloves with Clutterfuck... or Cluttersmuck... or whatever his name is. My boy usually doesn't fight so well. He didn't do too bad last night. Take a look...

Tomorrow night, Sean Effin' Avery is in town. I've been awaiting his arrival for a long time. Here's hoping The Great One puts in McGrattan, Murray and Carcillo for the festivities. This will also be Carcillo's first meeting this season with Ott and Barch, whom he has quite a history with... should be a lot of fun!

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Z4Dfense said...

Fraggin lil Xmas gnomes.

Still... if it wasn't for St. Nick in net...

Just sayin... stuffing on St. Nick just seems ... wrong... doesn't it?

We might need some Grinch dust or something sprinkled on the ice when we play them next time.

And Wayne... next time you see a coach break out something from waaaay back in the day... DO something about it mmkay? I mean seriously... our boys are too young to remember that tactic that they used but you shoulda and a good coach can correct on the fly... 4 times Wayne! 4 times! dammitt

The Virgin said...

Umm, that's the best dead elf graphic I've ever seen.

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