Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Day Recap: Blackhawks @ Coyotes

My Coyotes were the last team in the NHL to go into overtime this season. The effort from the Coyotes last night was much improved, as opposed to the rest of the games they've played as of late. I would've preferred a win, but I'll take that one point instead right now. The boys were down by two early, then managed to get their proverbial shit together and tied it up, sending us into OT and eventually a shoot out. Here's some of the Diva's reflections on the game & more:

Zybnek Michalek got his first goal of the season last night, getting the scoring started for the Coyotes with a wrister at 6:08 of the 2nd. The goal was assisted by my boy Keith Yandle Mikkel Boedker. Way to go guys, that was a sweet goal. And I'm fairly certain that I heard Z4dfense screaming in our section of the arena, from all the way over in my temporary seat upgrade at center ice.

Captain Coyote Shane Doan played in his 900th game last night. He even made a "Doan-ation" to the cause by scoring his 10th goal of the season at 5:57 of the 3rd.
  • BULLET POINT RANT: To all you Doan haters out there who say our Captain is "over rated" or should be traded and that would solve all the team's problems, I say SHUT THE HELL UP! I tire of listening to it/reading your comments. Our Captain has simply reached a level of greatness in which no other player on the team has yet to reach. He is waiting for everyone else to catch up. When they do, they will blossom into the glorious Stanley Cup champions they were born to be! And guess who will lead them to that glorious victory... none other than SHANE DOAN! You'll see; the dump n chase, the mindless turnovers; this is all part of a grander plan devised by The Great One of whom you all criticize so harshly. It's ugly sometimes, oh yes. But when they win, you'll be the first to jump on the bandwagon and say "OH! The Great Coyotes! I knew they could do it!" But when I see you, I will push you off that bandwagon because those of us who have been here all along will not stand for your nonsense!

OlliCoyote got in a FIGHT!!! OOOOOOO!!!! Bad Colin Fraser, you made OlliCoyote MAD!!!! I have no idea what he was mad about... if anyone knows, please feel free to let me in on it. Another interesting thing to note is that immediately following Olli's fight (which occurred at 19:43 of the 3rd) Brian McGrattan received a 10 minute misconduct penalty (at 20:00 of the 3rd). I didn't see what for but after inquiring with the hockey friends, it seems that McGrattan was seen on the ice "chirping" at the Blackhawks on the bench. The ref allegedly told him to hit the road and he wouldn't go... Thus the penalty. But I digress.... here's Olli's fight:

While we're discussing fighting, another rare occurance happened last night. Martin (he's so hot right now) Hanzal got in a fight too! But why did we have guys like OlliCoyote and Hanzal handling the dirty work when McGrattan, Fridge & Carcillo were in the line-up last night? I'll tell you why... McGrattan and Carcillo tried to go with two particular blackhawks (who shall remain nameless) but the Hawks wanted to pick on someone they might have a chance of beating. That's right, I went there... Not that Olli and Marty aren't tuff. They are! But McGrattan's not really the kind of guy you wanna fuck with. If your going to fuck with a Coyote, don't choose McGrattan. Wait until McGrattan, Carcillo and Fridge are not on the ice. That would be your best bet. Just FYI........

And now let's talk about my boy Danny for a moment. "Still-no-goal-Danny" as I (affectionaltey) refer to him as for the moment. I've been sensing some strange vibes coming from him since the first time I saw him at training camp this summer. Something's just not right. He's playing like his girlfriend broke up with him or his beloved family pet died and he just can't get past it. At first I thought it was the short leash that he'd been put on or perhaps the heap of expectations that have been mounted upon him. But the leash is loose now and no one expects him to do anything but fight (which isn't good, BTW). So I don't think that's it, I think something big went down in Carcillo's life this summer; life changing even. And its affecting his playing ability. He'll get past it. It will just take time. Whatever it was... I'm a counselor when I'm not doing hockey things and I would be happy to volunteer my services to my boy to help him through his "slump". :D He IS still fighting; and I am definitely a fan of his fighting abilities. In fact, that's one of the things that drew me to him in the first place. That and his passion. But being the complete fan that I am, I watched closely after deciding to become a Carcillo fan and quickly discovered that my boy has more than just fists of fury, he has mad skills. I still want him to fight because that is how he plays the game but his inability to score a goal this far into the season is messing with his head. He needs a goal...

  • BULLET POINT RANT: Why is it that when Danny takes a penalty at a"crucial" point in a game, the fans want his head on a platter? But when Jovo takes a stupid penalty at an EXTREMELY crucial time during OT last night, no one says a word ??? But you people certainly do stand and applaud Danny when he wins a fight... this irritates me.

So there you have it folks... today's good, bad & ugly of Phoenix Coyotes Hockey straight from the Diva. The Boys are now headed out of town for a 4 game road trip. They start on Friday and will be taking on the Hurricanes. Saturday they take on the Flyers. Next week, they will see the Rangers (ewwww) on Monday and Blue Jackets (again) on Wednesday before returning to Arena next Friday to take on Kurt Sauer's old team, The Avalanche. God (or whomever your Higher Power is) speed, boys!

Let's Go Coyotes!

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Oh don't worry, I was yelling at Jovo plenty last night. And not just for that stupid penalty.

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