Monday, January 21, 2013

Ringing in the New Season

First of all - and with no disrespect toward the Coyotes Organization or Arena staff - that Pacific Division Championship Banner "unveiling" was just... pathetic.

I know we still don't have an owner and thus have no money for pomp & circumstance - but we couldn't at least dim the house lights and RAISE the banner up to the roof? The NHL couldn't at least do that for us all? I was so terribly disappointed with it all...

And it was cooked. Our own players were laughing when it was "unveiled"... come on!

But the take home replicas they gave us were fantastic.

That aside - the most important thing is: hockey is back!!!!

Bonus: They now sell gluten free beer & hot dogs at Arena. It is outside of section 111 at the "Lighter Fare" stand. Please go patronize it. I need beer and hot dogs at hockey games people...

And last - but the farthest thing on EARTH from least - I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our Hockey Family - Izzy - who made an appearance at her first tailgate yesterday. 

She's practicing her intimidation techniques - we think she might have some enforcer in her. 



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