Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Diva's 1st Annual Coyotes Christmas Card Awards

Each year the Phoenix Coyotes draw holiday cards to be sold by Coyotes Charities. Opening up those cards each year and seeing what each player drew has become a fun tradition holiday in my house. So in honor of this Coyotes tradition, I've decided that I will start my own tradition here on the blog and give out awards to the players who make the best holiday cards each Christmas. Maybe if I ever purchase and learn how to use Photoshop, I'll actually make up awesome little trophies for each award or something. For now - we'll have to go with what we've got...

Welcome to The Diva's 1st Annual Coyotes Charities Christmas Card Awards! 

We're here tonight to honor those Coyotes players who really take the time to put some thought into their Christmas cards - or the ones who blatantly just don't give a crap... Because that makes for awesome Christmas cards too. So here we go! 

The award for the Best Desert Themed Card goes to:
#16 Rostislov Klesla!!!

Rusty's card got MAJOR props for the Christmas Cactus and PHX patch. 

The WTF Award goes to:
#3 Keith Yandle!!!

Uhhh... WTF Yandle...? 

This is why my boy is a hockey player and not an artist. Mcy? What does that mean? Is that supposed to be a stocking? You put rope on your Christmas tree? Is that a Smurf Snowman? *pats Yandle's head* you just keep teachin' how to dougie pumpkin. 

The "Hey, That's Actually Good" Award goes to:
#11 Martin Hanzal!!!

That's actually a really good snowman! Nice use of colors, great hat. Nice work Marty!

The "Huh?" Award goes to:
#41 Mike Smith!!!

I'm not entirely sure what his message is here - but he's a goalie. And the beauty of being a goalie is that no one has to understand your logic, because your a goalie. As long as you stop the puck you can do whatever you want. I am a bit disturbed by the "Candy of Cane" part though, I can't lie. But uh... Keep on Truckin'! 

The Best Christmas Tree Award goes to:
#33 Adrian Aucoin!

Is his wife taller than him? Cuz I... well... Why is the pink one the tallest? Um... yeah... that's a really good tree though! 

Last but certainly not least we have... 
The Best Overall Award, it goes to:
#13 Ray Whitney!!!

Where's Whitney strikes again! This time apparently, as Todd Walsh's creepy 2nd head. The absolute epicness of this card is immeasurable. From Shane Doan's nose to Walshie's shoes - it's a WIN all around.

If you'd like your own set so you can see what the rest of the team drew - you can order them here. You won't be disappointed. 

And with that - I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Hockey New Year! 



GoldenJoy said...

Aucoin had 5 kids, That is who is on the card.....right ? Not his wife or him. At least that is my thoughts.

Heather McWhorter said...

I have no idea - you may be right!

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