Friday, November 4, 2011

AccuScore App from iTunes

AccuScore, touted as the leading sports forecasting company, renowned for offering the most comprehensive and accurate sports forecasting engine anywhere, has launched a free AccuScore App to bring its proven track record to the mobile devices of all sports fans. 

AccuScore provides users with everything they need to know before the game. AccuScore is so proven effective that it is used by many top sports media companies including ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, Sporting News and The Wall Street Journal. The AccuScore App brings all of this information to the mobile platform with its new FREE App. 

“It’d be amazing to see into the future. While it’s not quite possible just yet, sports fans can at least use apps like AccuScore to see the latest statistical forecasts for numerous games and the players participating in them,“ says 

The AccuScore App offers forecasts for NFL, MLB, NCAA, College Football & Basketball, NHL and NBA games. Included in the free app are the forecasted winner, winning percentage for each team, forecasted player statistics, real-time alerts and one free tip per day that projects margin of victory, total points scored in the game and who will win. 

Additionally, the AccuScore App includes the leading sports fan communication network called FanConnect, connecting you with fans of all teams in all sports, via team lounges so you can chat, compare notes and forecasts, share, heckle, and more. 

In-app purchases unlock further details for those who need even more information on their respective games.  

AccuScore is out now for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Download the free app at and get started seeing into your sports future: The AccuScore App was developed in partnership with The APP Company, a leading mobile software developer and maker of numerous hit iPhone, iPad and Android apps ( 

So - how accurate is it, you ask? Well I downloaded it to find out...

I picked two games on 11/03/2011 - the Nashville Predators @ Phoenix Coyotes (obv) and the Oilers @ Kings. I took screen shots for proof of the AccuScore predictions:

Well.... AccuScore wasn't quite so accurate in their winner predictions on the 2 games I picked. In fact - BOTH of those predicted winners got shut-out. The Oilers blanked the Kings 3-0 and my Boys lost 3-0 as well.

So I decided to give it another try. Here AccuScore's predictions for 11/04/2011:

Aaaaaand the results are in...

Flames 1 Buffalo 2 - CORRECT
Colorado 6 Dallas 7 - CORRECT
Chicago 4 Tampa 5 - NOPE 
Montreal 2 Ottawa 1 - CORRECT
Vancouver 2 St Louis 3 - NOPE
Washington 5 Carolina 1 - CORRECT

I say - 4 out of 6 ain't bad! Definitely an app worth the download.



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