Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ownership (Non) Update

There's not much to update at this point. I'm certain that's there's plenty of things going on - but we aren't privy to that information at this point. I don't want to feed in to the speculation and tell you what all the mysterious "sources" have been reporting to the various media outlets - so I'll just stick with the facts:

According to the Globe & Mail - Bill Daly has said that 
“Goldwater is not even a factor in this for us any more. We are not trying to structure a deal to satisfy them. We are trying to structure a deal that can close.” 
This comes on the tails of the meeting held last week between the Goldwater Institute and the City of Glendale in an attempt to "resolve their differences" in concern to the deal in place with potential Coyotes owner Matt Hulsizer and city. Now dubbed "The Cupcake Summit" - the meeting was quite useless. If you feel like smacking yourself on the head repeatedly, you can find audio of the meeting here. If you'd just like to read Goldwater Institute's list of "concerns" and their proposed solutions (which quite frankly were rather telling of their ignorance on the situation) - they can be found here.

Now for my thoughts on the "Cupcake Summit". I listened to it all - call me a glutton for punishment, but I pressed through. The part that stuck out the most to me was a "solution" Darcy Olsen proposed regarding the Tohono O’odham tribes casino they'd like to construct not far from arena. 

A lawsuit has been filed against the tribe in an attempt to keep the casino from being built. Darcy mentioned that the tribe would be willing to invest in the Coyotes purchase if the city would drop the lawsuit and allow them to build the casino. I don't know about you - but that sounds like blackmail to me...

Whether or not you agree with the building of the casino (you can read why Glendale opposes it here and here) the fact that Goldwater even brought such a thing up seems extremely fishy to me. 

It's also noteworthy to mention that the Glendale "tea party" - that has voiced their opposition to the sale of the Coyotes and their support of Goldwater, is also in favor of the casino being built

Back to the Coyotes - there were also some reports of a meeting between Gary Bettman and valley sports mogul Jerry Colangelo - and some speculation that Bettman was asking him to contribute financially to the deal. Those reports were proven false however - Mr. Colangelo did voice his support of the team remaining in Arizona.

A few more links of note:

Jude Lacava of FOX10 calls out Goldwater Institute

NHL Commissioner on Coyotes sale

Hopefully this whole mess gets resolved soon - if anything else of interest arises, I'll keep you all updated! 

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Sandy Farley, Fine Artist said...

There are too many wealthy individuals at GWI (including spouses of sports moguls hmmm....) who might have some backroom deal cooking for this to be simply about "taxpayer rights". There has been no demonstrated interest on the part of GWI principals in "negotiating" anything. Bullying, sure. Negotiating, no. This is primarily about publicity for the institute, bond market coercion, and at least one missing puzzle piece the GWI is failing to disclose. Who or what is really motivating them? There isn't a prayer in Hades the tribe would deal with Glendale and GWI knows it. Smoke screens and lies, dirty lies, and liars.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I hope it gets solved soon too ! Just very weird if you ask me. There is a lot of crooks out there.
Following you and would love a follow back !

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