Monday, March 21, 2011

Hulsizer Brings Out The Big Guns...

During last night's game against the Blackhawks at Arena, Phoenix Coyotes suitor Matthew Hulsizer appeared on the Fox Sports Arizona broadcast with some big news:

Matthew Hulsizer on Fox Sports Arizona.

To back him up - he brought out the big guns:

Senator John McCain and Former Attorney General Grant Woods back up Matthew Hulsizer's bid.

Probably the biggest thing about this was John McCain's words backing up Hulsizer's new amendments to his bid. Why? He's Goldwater's "Golden Boy" so to speak. Pressure from a United States Senator to back off and let this deal move forward is bound to leave quite the impression upon the big boys at Goldwater. 

(posted on the FS-AZ Facebook Page)

Arizona's United States Senator John McCain was interviewed by Todd Walsh during tonight's Coyotes/Blackhawks game about the Coyotes ownership issues and here is what he said:

"I have been encouraging people to sit down and negotiate and make people understand how important the Coyotes are – not just to Glendale, but to the entire state of Arizona. We are a big league Valley and the economic impact right now would be very devastating to the state of Arizona."

On tonight's news about Matthew Hulsizer concession on the parking issue: "I hope that now the Goldwater Institute’s concerns will be satisfied and they will now sit down and negotiate and make sure that we can have an assured presence of the Coyotes for the next - forever... Long after I am gone."

"It is to the greater good of the state of Arizona that the Coyotes remain here. Obviously, I am not negotiating but I have been encouraging parties – including the board members of the Goldwater Institute itself – we need to have the Coyotes stay here. If they leave, it isn’t just zero sum game. It is a very severe negative impact on the state of Arizona."

Former Arizona attorney general Grant Woods was also interviewed - here is what he said:

"Does this satisfy the gift clause? I think so. If you look at the case law, the Arizona Supreme Court recently interpreted the gift clause and I don’t even think it’s that close of a call now given this pretty significant concession of Mr. Hulsizer."

"They were very clear at the Goldwater Institute – one of their people – their litigator – printed out “this is our concern” and it was this whole parking situation and the shortfall shouldn’t fall on the tax payers. Mr Hulsizer has now stepped forward recognizing that concern – he didn’t have to do it, but he’s done it and I think that really makes this a no brainer. I think it’s significant that the Goldwater Institute has done what they have done. Good for them. They have actually protected the tax payers here. They have performed a good service. Now, we need to have them to move onto other projects. We need to close this deal and keep the Coyotes here."

So now we await Goldwater's response.... Stay tuned to my Twitter account for breaking news!



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