Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here's To The Weekend!

Happy Saturday!!! 

Here's the link to the Breakthrough Sports Radio show that CoyotesHipCheck and I did yesterday - in case you missed it. It was a great show, Greg and Dave Isaac were gracious hosts as usual! We spoke with NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, Jim Brewer who is the VP of Marketing for the Phoenix Coyotes as well as Rebekah Sanders from the Arizona Republic. Lots of good stuff!

As for the ownership situation - here's what I know at this point: the bonds have been put on the market however, they are privately listed. This means that they are only offered to certain investors and there's no way for us to check and see if they have been sold or not. So we get to wait. I do however, know that Matt Hulsizer was hoping to wrap things up at the end of last week. So let's hope that he was able to accomplish that task and we are just waiting on a press release. 

As far as the Goldwater Institute goes - we touched on this subject a bit in the radio interview with Bill Daly. He told us that regardless of whether or not Goldwater files a lawsuit - the team will belong to Matt Hulsizer and it will be full speed ahead for the team in it's Glendale home for many years to come. 

From what I understand, Glendale unfortunately; will have to deal with Goldwater in court if it comes to that - but it won't delay the sale. If this is the case I intend to do all that I can to garner support for Glendale if they face that legal battle. I hope that you will all join me in that battle - I think it would be the least that we could do. They've been battling for us and our team for the better part of two years now. 

Once the sale goes through, we're planning to stick together and do all that we can to help strengthen the fan base and ensure the team's economic future in Glendale as well. If you have not yet joined the Coyotes Coalition and you support our efforts, I invite you to join. We welcome any and all hockey fans who support our team staying in it's Glendale home - whether you live in Arizona or not! 

Tomorrow we'll be tailgating at Arena in our usual spot in Lot J. Feel free to come by and say hello and take in the beautiful weather we're having!

Now - on to the hockey! Tomorrow night we face the Blackhawks at home, and I'm hearing we're nearing a sellout - if we're not already there. So if you haven't gotten your tickets for the game yet... good luck! :) 

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Also - that guy pictured above is having a big night tomorrow as well... 

Coyotes Defenseman Adrian Aucoin will be playing in his 1000th NHL game tomorrow night

Congrats to you Adrain!!! 



Rebecca said...

Glendale..that is 10 minutes down the road from me :) [or is there another Glendale other than Glendale, CA? Hmmm..] I love that the largest group of people I hear about online are hockey fans - and you are a big one! It is great to have a passion for something, not everyone is lucky enough to have something the live for! I came by from comment love day at FTLOB - I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Sharde said...

i just found your blog today! i love it- i will be back!

come and visit me at :)

HM said...

@Rebecca our Glendale is in Arizona and is home to the Phoenix Coyotes! But I do have a friend from Glendale, CA :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

@Sharde YOU HAVE A MINI PANTHER?!?! No way! That's freakin' awesome! I am now following you too! Check out my other blog also - if you haven't yet :)

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