Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Lil All-Star!

Well I've told you my Kyle Turris story - so in honor of the All-Star weekend - and our Coyotes All-Star - I'll tell you my Keith Yandle story...

Photo Courtesy of Zimbio

My first full season of watching the Coyotes - the year Kyle spent back in Wisconsin after he was drafted playing for the Badgers (shout out to my bestie!) - was also Yandle's rookie season. Those of you who know me well know that I am easily distracted - especially by shiny objects. There are LOTS of shiny objects in NHL arenas folks! 

Anyway... so, I concentrated on one player - hoping it would help me stay focused. That player was Yandle - for no apparent reason, other than I liked the way he tied his skates - he ties them like Gretzky used to, I later found out - of which I noticed during warm-ups one day... (random!)

Photo Courtesy of Life

I watched Yandle very closely to see how he reacted to things, to see what exactly a defenseman did.. If Yandle wasn't out there - I wasn't very focused - I would get lost. I'd go from forward to goalie to defensemen, then back and forth trying to follow the puck. But when Yandle came back I had my focal point back. I just followed my #3 around. I guess you could say he taught me the game. He made a lot of rookie mistakes and got plenty of frequent flyer miles from going between our AHL affiliate club the San Antonio Rampage and here. So he and I both had a lot of learning experiences that first year.... 

It was his rookie season - it was my rookie season - I figured we could learn together. Now look what we've both become! 

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On the All-Star Game...
While we're on the topic... I have to give the NHL credit where credit is due. The All-Star Draft last night was EPIC. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment! James Duthie was a gracious and entertaining host. I'm looking forward to the rest of the festivities.

You can follow the NHL's coverage of the All-Star weekend here. The Skills Competition will be on Versus tonight at 5:00pm Desert Dogs time. Can't wait!

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