Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Time To Prove We Want to Keep Our Team!

Judge Baum mentioned during the last hearing that should he rule in favor of the NHL, it would be the sports fans in Phoenix’s job to prove that we are willing to support the Coyotes and keep them here. What this means fans, is that it’s now time for us to step up. The fate of this franchise depends on us. The team is here for now and its time to secure their home in the Valley forever.

You don’t have to look any further than Pittsburgh or Ottawa to realize that the NHL means business when they say that they don’t abandon markets or established fan bases, they try to fix the issues. With Winnipeg and Quebec City, all other options had been exhausted and relocation was the only thing left to do when suitable owners could not be found. We still have other options in Phoenix. The NHL is working to secure ownership that will keep our team in the Valley but WE THE FANS MUST ALSO DO OUR PART!

So what can we do? The answer is simple, we must do our best to fill up Arena for every single game next season. To do this, we need to spread the word throughout the Valley. I’m asking for everyone’s help in brainstorming ideas on ways in which we can generate interest in hockey amongst the members of our communities.We need to answer the following questions…

How do we make this franchise viable?

What can we as fans do?

What can the Coyotes organization do?

One complaint I often hear is in regards to the location of the arena. I realize that it may be hard for people to commute during the week but we have a gorgeous, state of the art arena built in the middle of a growing area. We can’t build another one. We have to work with what we have. So what can we do to make it possible to get fans in the East Valley to games? Would a shuttle service be an option? What about you East Valley residents that DO make the drive to every game, what are your thoughts on this issue?

Please do so some brainstorming and email me your suggestions to, so that we can get the ideas together and submit them to the Coyotes organization. We need to do this ASAP so that we can get to work! It’s time to weave the team into the fabric of our community, to make Coyotes hockey a tradition amongst the people of Arizona. Of course hockey can work in the desert! In fact, ice hockey in the desert makes more sense than any other sport in the desert! Ice hockey is our desert oasis!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Open House on Thursday! This will be our first opportunity to officially show our support to the team. The more deposits and season ticket sales they have, the more we show the potential owners that we mean business. The Open House would be a great thing to bring your family and friends to. Everyone will have the opportunity to meet some of our star players. If you’ve not met any of these players before, I think that you’ll find our players to be the most down to earth professional athletes you’ll ever meet. Hope to see you there!
♥ The Diva


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