Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Every dog has its day... right???

Whew... its hard to be a Coyotes blogger (& fan) right now & try to find positive things to say when your team has lost 9 of the 10 games they've played since returning from the All Star Break. I even listened to the Xtra Sports 910 post-game radio show on the way home from the game last night for some inspiration. I got nothin'. But what I can say is that losing to the Oilers last night was not for lack of effort, or for bad goal-tending on the part of the Coyotes. Telly = Monster. If you could win a hockey game without scoring any goals, the Coyotes would be SET. Because we've got the "give it a lot of effort" thing down, its that pesky goal scoring that gets us. We just can't seem to bring it all together. When we're scoring, our goal-tending sucks. When the goal-tending is stellar, we can't score. And don't get me started on the power plays...

But on a good note- Kurt Sauer is back after his lower body injury that has kept him out far too long. It was good to see him out there protecting our blue line again. It makes me feel safer. As I mentioned before, Telly was awesome. He had his first start last night since January 6th. Having only won 1 of the past 10 games, you'd think that Telly would've seen a little more time in the net than has. Steven Goertzen continues to impress since he was called up from San Antonio. Joakin Lindstrom is quickly winning himself a place in my heart. He's a playmaker and isn't afraid to get out there and do what needs to be done. He was even chirping at a few Oilers last night. Way to go Lindy.


The Virgin said...

Speaking of Lindy- did you hear the post game interview? One of the questions was essentially- are you glad that your next couple of games are away, so that you don’t have to worry about pressure from the fans? Lindstrom - responded that we need to win wherever we play. But it breaks my heart to think that the home fans are giving our guys performance anxiety. :-(

Carcillo13 said...

I did hear that. And it would be sad to think that we would give our guys performance anxiety. But the thing about the Phoenix fans- they only love a winner. They have been pretty brutal to the guys recently.

I encountered some fan violence of my own last night. As I was walking to the car (in my Carcillo jersey of course) someone walking behind me shouted out (& this guy was in a Coyotes jersey, mind you...)"At least they didn't play that dumb fucking asshole Carcillo!" I turned around... and the doode that said it came up to like- my boobs. (He was short like Marty St. Louieeeeeeeeeeee...) I started laughing at him hysterically. I think he thought I was crazy, so he tried to not make eye contact and walk the other way. I was like really... we all hate to lose but bashing on a guy that didn't even play in the game? Come on... we took more stupid penalties last night that we have in games when Danny's been playing lately.

Z4dfense said...

it is very hard to maintain a positive vibe or even write about the boys when we're on such a downturn.

The good news is... it can't last 4ever?

Ignore the haterrrs they have sucky lives and want to wreck your groove too. Thats what haterrrs do.

We need a new player spotlight GF. How about Kurt 'melts your heart' Sauer?


Carcillo13 said...

I think your right... and Kurt is the perfect one to spotlight right now. I shall send out an email for Kurt quotes. :D

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