Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coyotes Break Curse in the Desert

There are so many good things to be said about last night's game, I hardly know where to start. I guess I'll start by saying that the Coyotes had been unable to solve the Detroit puzzle at home since January 24th 2004. A 6-3 vicotry over the defending Stanley Cup Champions on home ice was a sweet gift to give the fans as we go into this long, virtually hockey-less All Star break. A perk was giving us the opportunity to wave good-bye to the Detroit bandwagoners as they got up and left the game early. The Coyotes faithful have had to endure much abuse from the Red Wings fans in our own arena for many years now. We were long overdue for some payback. Thank you Enver Lisin. Enver scored the goal that brought us to 5-3 with 13:11 left in the 3rd period. Then he sealed the victory with an empty netter with 1:44 remaining in the 3rd. Derek Morris also had a goal and an assist while Keith Yandle and Olli Jokinen each scored one for the Coyotes. says:

"A Detroit fan threw an octopus onto the ice after Samuelsson's goal. A second octopus hit the ice following Lisin's empty-netter and a third with 5 seconds left, possibly because fans didn't want to take home their soggy,smuggled cephalopods.

What I want to know is... how on earth did they get those into the arena? We have security.... I don't even want to think about where they put them to sneak them in. Ew. And Carcillo; I think a suspension and fine would've been well worth it to see you throw that octopus you had on the end of your stick right back into the pack of Red Wings fans where it came from. Yah... we saw that look on your face, we know you wanted to do it...

The Coyotes are now sitting proudly as the sole owners of the 5th spot in the Western Conference. I'm quite proud of the Coyotes effort against the Red Wings. They looked like a real team, a competitive team; things seem to be starting to gel and come together quite nicely. Hopefully, the Coyotes can keep up the momentum when they return from the All Star break.

View more photos from the game here.

♥-The Diva


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