Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jingle Bells, The Wild Smells, Olli Scored Two Goals!!!

Happy Home Game Day everyone!

Tonight the Coyotes take on the Christmas Elves again. And word has it that the Elves will be appearring with the addition of Christmas lights adorning their sticks! How fun!


But seriously folks... Olli Jokinen was large and in charge in Dallas last night after his return to the line-up from being side-lined since November 26th with a shoulder injury. He scored 2 goals for the Coyotes, as did Martin (he's so hot right now) Hanzal. Steve Reinprecht got the last one; an open netter with 24 seconds left to go in the 3rd. Coyotes win 5-3. Thank goodness....

I'll be cheering my boys on from my section of Arena tonight, but if you'd like to visit Five for Howling, there will be an open GDT and lots of good discussion. Feel free to pop in and join the fun.

Thanks for readin'

-The Diva

*Elf graphics courtesy of OdinArtWerks, thanks Odi!


The Virgin said...

Glad to see that Ollie is back and that everything is working well! I definitely missed him.

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