Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Plea to American Hockey Fans

This post is the result of a variety of different rumors I've heard recently and not so recently about the possibility of moving an American team to Canada. My team is one of those teams targeted as most likely to be moved. Tampa Bay, Florida, Atlanta & Nashville are also targets. I don't object to additional teams in Canada, I just object to U.S. teams moving there. So this is my plea...

AMERICAN HOCKEY FANS!!!! Even if your team is losing... GO WATCH THEM PLAY! Its when they are losing that they need the most support. I'm hearing nasty things around the web about Panthers fans dissing their own team. Don't do that Panthers fans, I know times are hard right now but you can't give up. The Panthers have some good talent on their team, they just need time to rebuild. Trust your GM. Sometimes I don't always agree with what my GM does, but in the end he has a bigger picture in mind. I know how hard it is to cheer for a team that never seems to win, believe me! But it just makes victory that much sweeter....

BUY TICKETS & GO TO THE GAMES: Cheer! Fill up seats! Bring a friend! Most people have no idea how awesome a live and in person NHL game is. That's how I became a fan, I got there by accident... or as I like to call it "fate". But ultimately, don't give the haters more fuel for their "Move that team to Canada" arguments. I'm tired of hearing this. "YOUR team should move back to Canada. At least we'd be able to fill up seats here". FUCK YOU! There... I said it. I realize tickets are expensive and our economy doesn't help... but make a little extra effort to save up some money to go to a game. BUY SEASON TICKETS! If you live too far away from your favorite team, plan family vacations around a game & go support them in person. How do you think they fill up seats in Canada? They aren't richer than us... their priorities are different.

I don't know about the rest of you but I for one, don't want to lose my team. I'll do whatever is in my power to keep the Coyotes howling in the desert. I would hope that you would do the same for your team. But if you don't make that effort, I don't want to hear any whining when they move your team. Everyone loves to bitch & complain but when asked to do something about it, they hand you excuses. I am doing something about it.


hipcheck said...

Nashvilles fans did rally to keep their team. It was amazing. I followed the story because I like Nashville as a team and wanted them to stay there. (I guess you could say they are my 1b team).

Yah, I can't believe how some "fans" treat their team (like some posters on AZC). If I didn't like a team as much as these people seem to, I would go cheer for someone else.

I used to chat with a guy in Tampa who had ST to the Coyotes for years, even though he didn't live here. Now, that is support.

I do what I can to support my team. I have ST, I go to events (when are we going to have player parties or did the new marketing guy get rid of that too?).

Z4Dfense said...

Meh! they can go buy their own, ain't the Canadian dollar worth more than ours? Go talk to Butthead about gettin you one and leave ours alone.

Coyotes ain't goin nowwhere, we'll hold a sit in in front of the place, lay down in front of the movin van... whatever it takes.

Hell I buy tickets I can barely afford to support my babies.I bribe, bully and smooze other folks into buyin tickets LOL

Win, lose or draw. The Yotes are my peeps and if you are REALLY a hockey fan (one of the lucky few to actually have a team in your city)... you support your hometown team as your 1A... period, point blank and simple.

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