Saturday, November 29, 2008

The "I only post game-day recaps when I feel like it" Game Day Recap: Avs @ Coyotes


He's a monster. I adore Telly. 37 saves by the Telly-Monster last night. He played fantastically. Derek Morris scored early in the 1st in his first game back since being injured while playing against the Hurricanes. Kevin Porter scored with a backhander in the 2nd to give the Yotes a 2-0 lead. Ryan Smyth ruined Telly's shut-out with a tip-in early in the third. Dammit. There is still some room for improvement. For example; we only won 16 of 51 face-offs. Unacceptable. The Coyotes were strong in the 1st & 2nd, seemingly losing a bit of momentum in the 3rd. PK is improving greatly. Still need some work on the power play. Work in progress...

We have now returned to being .500 (10-10-2). The boys wore their 3rd jerseys & I think they might be growing on me. They looked fantastic out on the ice. Tonight we face the Sharks. Who might have a bit of a stick up their asses due to the whoopin' we gave em earlier in the season...

*Yandle = Playmaker. You should all take-up Fandlism. Really. \V

*ENVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! So glad that your back. We missed you.

*Winnik was also in the line-up last night after having been a scratch due to injury.

*Carcillo had a GREAT night. He played fantastically, stayed out of the box, talked a little smack a time or two. But that's just how he rolls...

*OlliCoyote is out 2-4 weeks with a shoulder injury. Get well soon Olli!

*Porter played center tonight in Olli's absence. He did quite well.

*I gotta give Jovo some credit, he played a lot better tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, i left a giant page long comment and it didnt post....DAMNIT. I'll summarize; Gretzky is a bad coach, nobody will says so because he is Gretzky. Which means we can expect another season of .500 hockey and gross underacheivement. The End!

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