Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Diva Terminology: Part 1

I enjoy making up my own names for things. As a result, you may not always understand what I am saying. So I am dedicating a section of my blog to Diva Terminology. These terms are either my brain-children or the combined efforts of myself and my Hockey Friends.

DOANED!: To be hunted and smashed by Captain Coyote Shane Doan. This can be done in the form of fighting, checking, hitting etc. Normally due to your prior on-ice behavior and/or ill-treatment of our Coyotes rookies.

This phrase was born during the last Coyotes preseason home game a few weeks ago. It came to be as a result of LA Kings Big Bully Wayne Simmonds' behavior during two rookie exhibition games played prior to the start of the preseason. But what Simmonds didn't know; is that Papa Doan is always watching; and Papa Doan never forgets. Papa Doan also believes that revenge is a meal best served cold. So during the final preseason game, Doan smashed Simmonds with a clean-hit, laying him out on the ice and sending a clear and precise message:


[Cue "Bad Boys" song... :D]

*photo courtesy of OdinArtWerks


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