Sunday, November 23, 2008

Die Hard

Die Hard:
-Someone really fanatical and devoted to something; gung-ho, committed.
-A person who might persist with a certain course of action or belief way longer than most people would decide it was sensible to quit/move on.
-Gung-ho, fanatical til the end.
-being able to stand pain, hardcore, having no fear of death.

Coyotes Fans; you should be ashamed of yourselves. Flailing about and threatening to jump ship so early in the season. Tisk, tisk. I feel that some of you need to be reminded of what a true "die hard" fan is, thus the above definitions. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Have faith in The Great One. There is a method to his madness. We may not see it now but it will manifest itself soon enough. TGO will not let us down. Now, that having been said. IT'S GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!

Tonight the Coyotes take on the New York Rangers (ewwwww!) We've seen the Coyotes take on league leaders such as the Sharks and the Penguins and come out on top. Can they do it against the Rangers? Absolutely! It will take some work of course, but they are capable. Bryz will be back in net tonight and he has only played the Rangers once.... and lost once. Time will tell if he can turn that around. The Coyotes have GOT to step up the scoring. We've got Enver Lisin back in the line-up due to Daniel Winnik's injury. Derek Morris won't be protecting our blue line tonight, due to injury as well. The Rangers are looking to avoid adding number 3 to their losing streak and we can't have a #6. So I'm sure emotions will be strong tonight. We should all be looking forward to some fantastic hockey.


derek said...

People wanna jump shi already? Rilly?

Carcillo13 said...

Yup... sad isn't it?

The Virgin said...

You have inspired a post... You crazy girl you.

Love the urban dictionary definition. Another blogger, I think from Ishootporn does a similiar thing and its pretty awesome as far as blogging techniques go. (don't want to look up the actual site at work..) OH! And I love me some Bruce Willis. :-) H-O-T

Anonymous said...

Sad isnt quite the word, pathetic is more like it. For myself, Primarily a Canucks fan since 1988. Ive seen my team eat it, in fact, Wayne Gretzky's records were broken against the Canucks (1st goal, Gordie Howe breaking goal etc). At no point in their sorry history did I want to jump ship. Im not trying to act high and mighty, but this is the Phoenix Coyotes who are a coaching change away from being the Chicago Black Hawks. Let us not forget, the Coyotes are/were the Winnipeg Jets with a Winning Tradition in the WHA. The Oilers dynasty was patterned on the history of the Coyotes..Its time to dig deep Yotes fans..Bury the heels and give em hell.

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