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Welcome hockey fans - or non hockey fans - whomever happens to stop by! If your not a hockey fan though - let me introduce you to my Phoenix Coyotes - simply the best sports team EVER! They are the inspiration for this here blog but this isn't your "typical" hockey blog. It started out that way but has evolved quite a bit over the years.

Once I realized that I wasn't exactly a game preview, recap & stats type of girl, I decided to just let this blog evolve into whatever it wanted to be. It has turned into my outlet for reaching out to my fellow Coyotes fans, venting my frustrations, sharing my inspirations and experiences and even combating those in Winnipeg who still hate us Coyotes fans (unfortunately) for "stealing their team" {cough} {cough} It is also a way for me to share hockey in the desert with people both near and far. 

So... Who am I? I'm the president of the Coyotes Coalition - formerly known as the Save the Coyotes Coalition formed on May 5, 2009 in response to the bankruptcy and possible relocation of our beloved NHL team - the aforementioned Phoenix Coyotes. You can find out more about that here  and here. So from time to time you'll get to read about some Coalition stuff too. 

Hockey is my life but you won't find me in a pair of ice skates. I prefer the view from the stands, thanks! I'm just a good ol' Georgia girl, born and raised in the deep south.


In 2006 I decided to "temporarily" relocate to Arizona - went to my first hockey game that same year, was instantly hooked and decided to stay. So as long as my Coyotes are here, so am I! Occasionally my southern accent comes out in my typin' so ya'll please forgive me if that happens... 

I'm 30-something and my day job is currently in the counseling field. I'm also a student of Psychology at Arizona State University. I'm "Mom" to 4 ridiculously spoiled Chinese Shar-pei dogs, a brand new home owner and my family and friends mean the world to me!



Rhett even loves watching hockey with me :)

Rhett and Jimminy Cricket!



I hope you enjoy what you read - feel free to leave comments!

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